Bespoke Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Paper Furniture

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At Paper Lounge we are passionate about using eco-friendly and sustainable materials to build our furniture. We have ultra-modern products, like stools and benches, as well as felt top accessories for ultimate comfort. Paper Lounge is unique in that we make paper furniture. Our standout furniture is guaranteed to make your living room, office lobby and any living space eye-catching. All our products are affordable, and we offer deliveries to destinations across the UK.

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Paper Lounge Display Solutions

We host a complete range of robust, sturdy and sustainable paper display furniture which can be used in a variety of applications. A new concept in concertina or foldable display  furniture which allows you to conveniently store away display stools, benches, plinths and tables, display gondolas etc.  when not in use.

About Our Sustainable Furniture
Inspiring, fun design and functionality flows through Paper Lounge’s ideology. Paper furniture by Paper Lounge delivers beautifully crafted and sustainable Kraft paper products ideal for your home or office. The unique “honeycomb” design makes for any piece of furniture from stools to benches and tables to be the centre of attention and a talking point in your living space. The sustainable furniture pieces are not only practical by being easy to set up, lightweight and portable but can also hold up to 100kg (15.75 Stone) of weight.

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