Paper Lounge Display Solutions hosts a complete range of robust, sturdy and sustainable paper display furniture which can be used in a variety of applications. 

A new concept in concertina or foldable display furniture which allows you to conveniently store away display stools, benches, plinths and tables, display gondolas etc. when not in use.

  • Display plinths

  • Display Risers
  • Table top merchandising and display Risers 
  • Bespoke sizes/colours can be produced (subject to quantities)
  • Sustainable/recyclable visual Merchandising and display furniture
  • Colourful display plinths and tables 
  • Sturdy merchandising tables 
  • Durable display plinths and tables 
  • Landscaping made easy with varying heights
  • Portable  display furniture  
  • In-store Displays and visual merchandising
  • Window Displays
  • New Product Launches
  • Strong, sturdy, sustainable Mannequin plinths 
  • Display Pillars
  • Larger Free Standing Gondolas
  • Create captivating displays using colours heights and styles 
  • Free standing displays
  • No more struggling with heavy, awkward, fragile plinths
  • Perfect as a mannequin stand
  • Different heights and widths available for the perfect look
  • Easy and cost effective to transport over long distances and multiple locations

If you are interested in using Paper Lounge furniture for your next display, please get in touch with us by emailing us at or shop our collection of products here. 

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