Paper Lounge

Felt Tops in Various Colours - Perfect for our Stools, Pillars and Benches


Add a matching felt top to your stool or bench for extra comfort. Why not mix and match colours too!

Dimensions: Small ⌀30 Large ⌀50

Please note:

  • Colours on the screen may vary to actual
  • Although our unique products are produced from strengthed kraft paper, they are prone to bending, folding, tearing and inevitable wear as any other product made from paper.

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How the paper stools works: 

Simply open the stool as you would a book until the front and back covers are joined, then attach the velcro tabs. You’re done. 

How the Bench works:

You may need the help of a friend for this one, Using the handles at each end of the bench, pull apart the bench til you reach its maximum length, you can see the honeycomb “cells” stretch, then gently let go of the handles and the bench will shrink back to its natural shape.  

You can shape the bench to any shape you choose.

Please note, the product is made from a natural material and will behave like so. It will take several “stretches” for the bench to get to its eventual natural length and shape.

Watch the full video demo of all our products here. 

Paper Lounge products are manufactured from high quality graded paper.  The products will mature, age and evolve with time and as they are derived from a natural raw material, they have certain distinctive and instinctive features and may tear under certain conditions. 

The versatility of the product range lends itself to many uses : 

Conference halls/organisers:  Tables, stools and benches whenever you need extra capacity.  Discreetly stored away when not needed.

Wedding/party planners, shop displays/window dressers:  The plinths, tables and stools a perfect way to display merchandise whether at the window or in store, can be stored away with minimal fuss and space.

Art galleries, marketing / promo material, office and lobby areas:  Perfect for extra seating where and when you most need it, ad hoc meeting areas and essential part for the modern work space. Paper Lounge benches and tables to give character and a sharp look to your lobby area. 

Anywhere where additional emergency seating is required and where storage is an issue.

At home when you have unexpected guests.

At the office when extra seating or temporary seating is needed for short term use.

Compact, portability and playful functionality. 

Made from paper, its unique honeycomb construction gives it yield strength and robust quality.

The stool can take up to 100 kg and the bench up to 300kg in weight.

Compresses like a book for storage, and fans open into cylindrical stools or low tables. Alternatively, it can stretch to form long, winding benches. a compressed fanning paper stool to be carried off-the-shoulder to a park, beach, lecture, party, gallery, picnic, concert... 

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