Designing a Home Office Space

Nailing that perfect home office design can be difficult and yet today, home office space is becoming a must-have for thousands of people. The goal for most is to create a highly productive atmosphere with minimum distractions, whilst still adding your own style.

Home Office for working from home great design ideas

Here's some ideas to help make your home office room or space, a productive and efficient workplace:

Focus Areas- you may need to do a wide variety of tasks within a limited space at home. It's efficient to designate 'focus areas' for specific tasks. This will allow you to do as many tasks as possible in one space.

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Plenty Of Storage- it can be a struggle for many people to keep their office space tidy. Without good organisation, you risk clutter, congestion and a feeling of being cramped. A top tip is to incorporate more storage solutions into your home office than you originally think you will need.

Green Elements- designing Green elements into the space will add to a sense of wellbeing and reduce the stress levels that can with 'working from home'; this will also make you more productive and able to complete and you will want to stay working longer. A balanced home office should be comfortable, clean, ergonomic, and practical. You might choose to start with eco-friendly paper furniture including tables and stools which can be unfold for use, and then quickly folded up when they're not needed; when folded down the larger pieces fit into a medium sized suitcase. Eco-friendly paper tables and stools are an excellent way to go green in your home office. Another beautiful and calming addition is living-walls.

Vibrant Artworks- decorate the home office area in the way you are comfortable with. The key is to keep things simple and elegant. One or two pieces of art with vibrant colours will help maintain feelings of motivation and energy.

Colourful Rugs- are great in providing a comfortable feeling of being grounded, for sound absorption and add visual interest. You can match the rug with the art or living wall to pull the 'your desired look' together. If you have a minimalist, silvery interior design; you could choose a rug with neutral grey patterns.

Let the Sunlight In- natural light is always best for us. Direct sunlight is a huge plus in a small home office space, making it appear bigger and more spacious. If you have plants inside your home office, they'll love it too. The UV light might also help to reduce bacteria and virus making your home working space a healthier place to spend time and get-stuff-done. Sunlight, despite your relative isolation, will help you stay connected to the nature and the outdoor.

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