Tips For Creating An Attractive Retail Design For Visual Merchandising

     Consumers are very visual, and they typically respond quickly to any sensory information that they see. Thus, if you want to attract and maintain their attention, it is necessary to prepare something that is visually stimulating. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, it’s essential to take the time to arrange your visual merchandising strategically and thoughtfully. Among the many displays used in visual merchandising, paper displays are probably one of the most versatile and affordable.

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With that being said, we are going to share some tips for creating an attractive retail design for visual merchandising using paper displays from Paper Lounge:

Make Them Photogenic- in the current social media-dominated world, people are eager to take photos of anything interesting. They will want to share their experiences if your retail design is interesting. Use impressive paper displays in your retail space to encourage them to snap a few photos for social media shares. This could help to generate hype on social media and increase traffic to your store. Check how your retail design look through the smartphone camera and if it’s attractive enough, people will surely snap a few quick photos.

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Create A Focal Point- a focal point brings attention to specific things in your store. With paper displays and signage, it’s easy to make a few focal points that are positioned at eye level. They can draw people from multiple directions to a single spot in your store. If you set up new fixtures or arrange new window displays, make sure to use only a single focal point in the area. Choose a product that you need to highlight and make sure it’s positioned strategically compared to other items. This increases the chance of your products gaining more attention from shoppers.

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Don’t Overstuff It- although your paper displays must attract attention, it doesn’t mean that you can overstuff the space. Shoppers may fail to notice all the important details if your retail design is cluttered. Using too many paper displays and focal points throughout the store space may dissipate the intended effects. Something that’s interesting or intriguing should be uncommon. They will move away from things that they see often. If your retail design looks overly complicated and cluttered, it is possible that you could end up losing sales and customers.

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